Run RemoteJoyLite On PSP 6.60 PRO-B10

If you have updated to 6.60 PRO-B9/PRO-B10 and haven’t seen an article anywhere about using RemoteJoyLite on your new CFW, that’s because it apparently hasn’t been made for it yet.  However!  With the files and instructions given to you in this tutorial, you can run RemoteJoyLite for your PSP running the aforementioned firmware.

Download these two files, and then we can get started –



Extract RemoteJoyLite, and keep all downloaded files in an organised easy to find place.

1. Run PSDisp.exe and run through all the steps.  Turn off the autostart option during the installation, you don’t actually need the PSDisp program, only the drivers included.  Whenever it prompts you that the drivers are unsigned/unsafe just install anyway, they are safe.

(if you are on Windows 7, you will need to disable driver signature reinforcement.  Do this by rebooting your computer, and in the initial boot screen, press F8 and find the option “disable driver signature reinforcement”, and press enter.  The method may vary between computers).

2. After running PSDisp.exe, plug your PSP in via USB, go to USB mode and once connected, on your computer navigate to the “SEPLUGINS” folder in your PSP’s memory stick.  In there you need to open your VSH.txt, GAME.txt and GAME150.txt files (if you don’t have those text files then make them) and copy/paste this: ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx 1 into each of them.  If you have a PSP Go, then change the “ms0″ to “ef0″.

(For use with a POPS Loader, copy this into your POPS.txt file: ms0:/seplugins/RemoteJoyLite.prx 1 and then: flash0:/kd/usb.prx 1)

3. With the “SEPLUGINS” folder still open, find the RemoteJoyLite folder you downloaded and extracted earlier.  Open that up, find the RemoteJoyite.prx file, and copy that into the “SEPLUGINS” folder.

4. With all the .txt files and plugin files copied and ready, disconnect your PSP and do a full reboot.  Once the PSP has started up again, plug your USB in, and in the RemoteJoyLite folder you downloaded, run “RemoteJoyLite_en”.  If all has gone well, congratulations, you should now see your PSP displaying on your computer screen.

If reading is not your thing, or hearing/watching someone go through the motions is easier for you, I have done a video tutorial right here:



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My writing job started here at TechMantis, and since the start I have gone on to write for the hacking network known as DashHacks. As well as writing for these sites I am a Machinima partner, making YouTube video tutorials on hacking, modding and a few gaming videos/commentaries on the side.
  • Zashtys

    when i start remotejoy_en i get Direct3D error2 (0x8876086A) is there anyway to fix this or to get around this?

    • Chris Holmes

      I have never encountered that error personally (I wrote this tutorial). All I can suggest is trying to download RemoteJoyLite again or even using the normal RemoteJoyLite instead of RemoteJoyLite_en

  • Jonathonluna

    Pretty neat. Thanks this will realy help me with my youtube videos!

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  • miles

    got same problem as Zashtys:(

  • Zartemis

    I am only getting the black Waiting screen on RemoteJoyLite. I followed this guide to the T, am using Windows 7 and disabled Driver Reinforcement and all that. I would like some assistance, if possible. Please, and thank you in advance.

    • Chris Holmes

      The only thing I can think of doing is a complete restart of both the PSP and your computer. Make sure the plug in is turned on in the VSH for both GAME and VSH, and try again.

      • Zartemis

        I think that was my issue. Nothing was showing up in my plugins menu, at all. Any ideas on that?

  • non

    when i run it, theres this number showing up at the top left hand corner, how do i get rid of it and i can’t see the games i’m playing he screen freezes after opening a game

  • Xenosaga9611

    whenever i play a UMD game , it go blacks and then the system turns off , help

  • JD

    jst a quick question , I’ve been left out on the scene from quite sometime now ( 5.50 Gen-D3 to Prome-4 days ) . I’ve picked up my psp and of course upgraded it to 6.60 pro-b10 . RJL was working fine whenever I’m in the XMB , but whenever i Load a game ISO/UMD’s it jst stuck on the PSP gameboot screen . I’ve been trying to find a fix yet to no avail . Is there a way to get this problem solved? pls and thank you

  • Victor

    i just recently hacked my psp this way but i still don’t see the XMB home screen place. my screen goes black on the psp but i dont see it on my pc. running windows 7 and PRO-B10. i can get it to load if i plug it in during the game but if i exit the game or i havent started the game yet, i dont see anything. i know i’m raising a possibly dead thread but please help. if you know a solution , send the help to me at

    • Harold Chick

      I’d like to direct you to our forums, Victor, there are several people there who have a very extensive knowledge base on the PSP and the issues that may arise. Unfortunately right here your post simply will not be seen by the eyes that need to see it.