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SparkToro puts crucial information about any online audience at your fingertips:

  • Demographics: interests, job titles, gender, education, and politics
  • Behaviors: what they talk about, read, watch, listen-to, and follow
  • Text Data: how they describe themselves, hashtags they use, language in their posts

All the data comes from aggregated, anonymized public profiles — results you can trust.

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Data from 12 social networks

We've crawled over 80 million unique profiles across billions of web pages, social media profiles, podcasts, and YouTube channels. And we refresh this data every quarter.

Quickly understand your audience

Audience research is crucial for marketers.

Billions of people share their interests online, so you'd think it'd be easy to get actionable insights. But manually parsing through all that information is impossible.

That's why we built SparkToro. It crawls over 80 million social profiles and web pages to find what (and who) your audience reads, listens to, watches, follows, shares, and talks about online.

Spend your time engaging with audiences. Not searching for them.

Quickly parse through the web and social to find out your audience's sources of influence.

Audience Research

Actionable data on what's influencing people

Find the common threads that tie groups of people together so you can execute your marketing in all the right places.

Hashtag Trends

Know a hashtag your audience uses? Discover what else they're doing online.

Following Data

Find other interests and influences of a social account's followers.

Influential Content

Learn the popular websites, podcasts, YouTube channels, and press publications of your audience.

Bio Attributes

Find commonalities among people who use a specific word or phrase in their social profile.


Uncover the demographics, skills & interests, geography, and political leanings of your audience.

What SparkToro does:

Crawl public profiles
Anonymize + aggregate
Analyze behavior demographics
Discover key insights

SparkToro uncovers information no keyword search could.

  • Text Insights like top words used in bios and frequently used hashtags
  • Demographics like gender, job roles, and skills & interests
  • What your audience follows, visits, and engages with
  • What your audience watches, listens to, and reads

Audience Lists

Get structured data for audiences faster than ever

Add social profiles, websites, podcasts, and more into quick-access lists to save time.

Target with pinpoint accuracy

Filter information and export your searches and lists into .CSV files to improve your targeting campaigns.

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Quick, painless outreach

Access contact info like email addresses and social profiles directly in your dashboard.

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Set your marketing priorities
  • See metric-based answers about audience behavior.
  • Add data-backed insights to your reports.
  • Use one-click export to turn your organized audience data into a .CSV file.
  • Improve your ad targeting, build an outreach strategy, contact sources of influence, or improve your content marketing.
See what customers are saying
"SparkToro is an essential audience research tool that does things nothing else does. I've used it to identify audience affinities I can use to build out Facebook Advertising audiences, and Twitter ad targeting (which we've found to be an amazing way to reach people)."
Ciaran Rogers
Ciaran Rogers
Marketing Director, Target Internet
"SparkToro is the best marketing tool for startups. A startup can't and shouldn't spend time on marketing until they know who their audience is, who is already influencing them, and what content they're interested in."
Vinny La Barbera
Vinny La Barbera
Founder & CEO, imFORZA
"When you combine your knowledge along with SparkToro's technology and customer interviews, you can uncover whole new customer segments. So I think of it this way: Bruce Lee started kicking everyone's ass after he blended different martial arts and now we have mixed martial arts (MMA)."
Dean McBeth
Dean McBeth
Founder, Shepherd
"SparkToro tops the list of best SaaS marketing tools. I love the insights it uncovers for our team!"
Abhi Jadhav
Abhi Jadhav
"I love demoing SparkToro to people. That Aha! moment when they see the results is awesome."
Ben Jesson
Ben Jesson
"SparkToro is a solid investment for any marketing team."
Ali Schwanke
Ali Schwanke
Founder, Simple Strat and Host of "HubSpot Hacks"
Accurate, uncomplicated data

SparkToro's data is completely updated each quarter. We cover billions of web pages and tens of millions of unique profiles to accurately give you detailed insights on your audience's behaviors and demographics.

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Marketing Agencies
“We've chatted in the past about how SparkToro is helping us win pitches - we just love the 'jaw drop moment' when we show a client how their audiences behave! It never fails to give us so much credibility and a few times has been the reason we won the pitch.”
— Justin Jon Thorne, MD & Founder, AlgoRhythm
Public Relations
"We've already been able to secure a number of guest spots on podcasts we've sourced from using SparkToro. We anticipate that number growing as we continue to use the platform more and expand into other areas."
— Stephanie Cox, VP, Sales and Marketing, Lumavate
Content Marketing
"We use SparkToro along with SEO tools to do audience research, and develop our keyword strategy and topic roadmap. The insights help us understand why certain topics are important to our audience. We're also able to identify words and phrases our audience frequently discusses online. As our operation expands, we're leaning on SparkToro to continue to shape our podcast strategy and build strategic partnerships with influential creators."
— Ronnie Higgins, Director of Content Marketing, Hopin
Performance Marketing
"SparkToro quickly identifies and synthesizes influencers across platforms for any given topic. We download lists of "hidden gem" influencers, then upload them into social media to bolster audience targeting for paid media. We're also sharing these lists with PR teams for product seedings and media outreach during campaign or product launches."
— Margaret Nicoll, Founder and CEO, Maka Digital

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